ALLTRACK 50GP Tracked Tractor A ultra-low ground pressure, all season tracked tractor.

Designed to be used in a multitude of industrial Agricultural and commercial applications including bulk material transport activities in ships and silos, Pipeline right away maintenance work, winter road construction projects, Renewable resources installation and any other application that requires a very low ground pressure tracked Tractor. The 50GP is designed to run various types of implements in an efficient and safe way. Available with a three point hitch and powerful auxiliary hydraulic system allowing an operator to implements including brush cutters, flail mowers, snow blowers, blades, buckets, or many other tractor implements. For extremely dusty applications, its equipped with a fully enclosed, and filtered intake air for the radiator and coolers. The tractor can also be equipped as a winter road maintenance machine with a 12-way, full function blade, enclosed two passengers, fully equipped cab, and small deck for hauling of extra fuel and supplies.

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Isuzu 4JJ 130hp Turbo Diesel or 170 hp John Deere 4045H Tier 3 Turbo Diesel


Remote mount, high capacity cooler with reverse for purging or cooling fins. Pulls cool, clean air from top of enclosure ensuring efficient cooling.


Single operator, center mounted, R.O.P.S. approved open or enclosed low profile cab. Equipped with standard equipment features including suspension seat, sound suppression, full instrumentation, and courtesy lighting.


Dual ergonomic Joystick


Formed high strength steel toboggan style frame with full skid plates.


Heavy duty Independent Rubber torsion suspension

Drive Train

Eaton Series 2 variable displacement piston pumps, High torque, low speed wheel motors with integral parking brake.


Heavy duty tracks with nylon reinforced rubber belts and steel cross links. Standard track is 33" all-season steel cleated track. Also available is 44" wide winter track, and 32" Rubber all season track.

Optional cab

Fully equipped two passenger aluminum cab. Equipped with windshield wipers, Defrosting Vents, Cab Heater, Suspension Seats, Sliding windows, Sound insulation and escape hatch. (Single, Crew, or Bus style cabs also available)

Running Gear

Urethane coated drive sprockets, Solid Rubber Tires

Optional equipment

The AT-50GP can be equipped with blades, three point hitch, and any skid steer mounted equipment with the optional quick attach boom and auxiliary hydraulic system. Equipped with a forestry package, the AT-50GP makes a excellent low ground pressure brush cutter, or slope mower. The machine can also be equipped with a fully featured 12-way blade for winter road maintenance activities.

The AT-50GP's powerful drive, all season versatility, and capability to mount various types of implements make it a excellent choice for brush cutting activates in soft or marginal terrain, Pipeline right of way maintenance, winter road work, utility work, ship trimming or grain pushing activities, and light weight bulk material transport including grains, silage, and beats in bulk food storage facilities.




Isuzu 4JJ 130hp Turbo Diesel or 170HP John Deere Turbo Diesel

Weight Basic

8,500 lbs


7,000 lbs


2 man or Crew style aluminum cab. Fully equipped with standard truck features, suspension seats


33" wide - ground pressure 0.85 psi

44" wide - ground pressure 0.64 psi

Vehicle Dimensions

98" wide with 33" tracks 118" with 44" tracks - 160" long - 82" high


Dual Ergonomic Joystick

Maximum Speed

12 mph/24kph


8 - 22" x 5" Flat-proof tires- Rubber torsion axles - Urethane coated sprockets

Safety Brakes

hydraulic failsafe / hydraulically operated

Hydrostatic Drive

Eaton Series 2 pumps/ HTSL motors