SOLD – 6 UNITS Available – 2000 Foremost Nodwell 110

2000 Foremost Nodwell Chieftain C

Nodwell 110 Hydrostatic drive tracked vehicle. Equipped with 250hp Cummins Turbo Diesel, Hydrostatic drive, 40" tundra style flat tracks, 7.50 x 20 flat proof tires, 6-man heavy duty fully equipped and insulated cab, single joystick control, 20,000 lb. hydraulic winch, and large 96" x 144" flat cargo deck. 20,000 lb. payload capacity.

These vehicles are also equipped with a arctic package which includes full hydrostatic and engine heaters as well as a Pro Heat diesel fueled engine coolant heater. Vehicles are ready for work and are very well maintained and in prime operating condition. Available for sale or rental. Please call with any questions or inquiries.

6 available vehicles.

Available for Sale or Rental