ALLTRACK AT-20HD is a compact tracked vehicle that is small on size, and big in versatility

At only five feet wide, and capable of zero radius turns, it fits in areas that other tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles fail to reach. This machine is built to the same heavy-duty standards that all of our vehicles are built to and is made to last. Requires little maintenance as there are no chains or tires to go flat, and no clutches or belts to be adjusted. The ALLTRACK AT-20HD is large enough to handle 3500 Lb. loads. It comes with a heated cab, is easy to maintain and has a low environmental impact.

Payload - 3500LBS , 1.75 Ton

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ALLTRACK AT-50HD is a multi-function tracked vehicle suitable to perform many tasks in any kind of terrain.

With a reliable hydro-static transmission and powerful 145HP Tier 4 F JCB turbo Diesel, the AT-50HD tracked carrier will get you where you need to go, when you need to be there. The AT-50HD tracked carrier is easily transported behind a one ton pickup making it the ideal rapid response unit for remote environmental, disaster, and emergency work.

The AT-50HD's powerful drive and 7,500LB payload capacity make it well suited for Mineral and Oil exploration, Forest Fire fighting, Cell tower service, Pipeline maintenance, Environmental and Geo-technical drilling, Rig Support, and virtually any other industry where extreme mobility is necessary.

Payload - 7500LBS , 3.75 Ton

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ALLTRACK AT-80HD is a rugged, dependable, and robust all-terrain tracked carrier.

With features like a heavy duty walking beam suspension and powerful hydrostatic drive system, the AT-80HD suits virtually any industry where remote access is crucial. The heavy-duty construction and 14,000lb. payload make this the ideal tracked vehicle for medium sized exploration and diamond drilling drills, as well as a excellent support vehicle for inaccessible and remote work sites. The AT-80HD tracked carrier can easily be equipped with any truck mounted equipment such as stiff or knuckle-boom cranes, digger derricks, aerial lifts, water or fuel tanks, vacuum units, and spray units for tailing pond dust control. Its low ground pressure tracks allow it to easily operate in deep mud, snow, rock, muskeg and steep inclines where wheeled equipment fails.

Payload - 14000LBS , 7 Ton

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ALLTRACK AT-150HD Heavy Capacity , High available load space , and very capable in extremely adverse terrain.

The AT-150HD features Oil Bath Hubs , Independent Torsion axle suspension, and 40" wide tracks. Low ground pressure and high capability make this unit Ideal for severe applications where large payloads need to be delivered. Oil and Gas , Water/ Fuel transportation, Forestry, Exploration , utility Industry , tracked Crane are all applications ideally suited for this strong tracked carrier.

Payload - 25000LBS , 12.5 Ton

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The AT-250HD is Largest Tracked vehicle in our lineup providing the greatest Payload capability and largest payload surface area. From large implements to the largest material transportation through the worst terrain, the AT-250HD is capable of getting the job done. Powered by a Cummins Tier 4 F Diesel engine and our Reliable Hydro-static drive platform. The AT-250HD, For when size does matter.

Payload - 35,000LBS , 17.5 Ton

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ALLTRACK 20SG Designed specifically for harsh winter conditions

Equipped with wide winter style tracks, 8-Way U shaped blade and 3 port rear hydraulics its ready for any application from trail grooming to search and rescue.

Equipped with an industry standard Quick attach boom it's ready for skid steer implements including buckets and flail mowers. Its heavy-duty design and construction ensure it's up to the task your trail system requires.

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ALLTRACK 50GP A ultra-low ground pressure, all season tracked tool carrier.

Designed to be used in a multitude of industrial and commercial applications including bulk material transport activities in ships and silos, Pipeline right away maintenance work, winter road construction projects, and any other application that requires a very low ground pressure tracked tool carrier. Available in an open R.O.P.S. approved cab, or as an enclosed 1 or two passenger cab, the 50GP is designed to run various types of implements in an efficient and safe way. The machine cab is equipped with a standard skid steer type quick attach plate and powerful auxiliary hydraulic system allowing an operator to run any skid steer type implement including brush cutters, flail mowers, snow blowers, blades, buckets, or any other skid steer type implement. For extremely dusty applications, the machine cab is equipped with a fully enclosed, and filtered intake air for the radiator and coolers. The machine can also be equipped as a winter road maintenance machine with a 12-way, full function blade, enclosed two passengers, fully equipped cab, and small deck for hauling of extra fuel and supplies.

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